Current Promotions

Walkwayshop may have several ongoing promotions, with benefits like gift cards, cash back and others. Some of the periodic promotions that are run include Walkwayshop Value Day and cash back promotions.

Walkwayshop runs current promotions all year round. Customers can benefit from discounts, cash backs, Gift Card offers as well as current promotions. Here are some of the current periodic promotions active on the walkwayshop site.

Walkwayshop Value Day: On the 1st and 2nd of every month, walkwayshop runs the Walkwayshop Value Day promotion. Customers, who shop for things in the Walkwayshop Value Store up to particular order amounts, are permitted to receive Gift Cards. While the terms and conditions of the offer may differ slightly each month, usually the Gift Cards are credited to customer accounts within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Cashback Promotions: Site wide promotions are occasionally run on walkwayshop that provide a fixed percentage cash back for purchases through using specific credit cards. Usually, the eligibility for the cash back is a smallest order amount.